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A great BABY gift for only $99

Your baby's first year is so precious. Our Baby Steps plan is a portrait plan which includes a series of photographs showing your baby's rapid development through their first year. This plan includes 5 sessions designed around the developing stages of your baby. Timing for these appointments is important. We take photos at newborn, 4 months, 7 months, 10 months and 12-14 months. After each session you will receive one gift print. The Maternity session is included - complimentary - for any moms to be that are wanting those special images from a time that is soon to be over.

These sessions are taken when your baby is less than a month old. If it is possible, bring mom, dad and any siblings. This will allow us to get some truly unforgettable photos.
For any of your sessions, you may bring a special blanket, silver cup or rattle, anything that is personal to your family.

4 months Old
For this session the baby will lay on their tummy with their head held nice and strong.
You can practice with them at home. Lay the baby on his/her stomach and place their arms in front of chest. Once you have done this place your hand on their hands and the head should pop up. If your baby is not holding its head up well, call us. We will probably need to delay the session. All babies progress at their own pace, just because the calendar says it's time doesn't mean it is.
Two outfits are enough, but you may want to bring several and let us advise you on which one will photograph best.

7 Months Old
Your baby must be sitting up without assistance for this session. The tripod position, where the baby is sitting but leaning forward will not work. We don't want him/her to fall over and get hurt. The baby needs to have a nice straight back and be able to sit on his/her own.
We have the Duckie and Tub set available for this session at your request.

10 Months Old
At this stage your baby will be going through major growth steps. For example they may be experiencing teething or have stranger anxiety. For this stage we want the child to be standing and holding on to things, and hopefully not running'). The week before your appointment watch your baby to see how well he is standing. If your baby's knees buckle and she falls back to the ground -reschedule. Remember we are looking for stages, not ages.
We have a Cowboy/Girl set or a John Deere set available on request at this session if you want something themed. If you would like, bring a small cake for the birthday cake photos that can be used for custom designed birthday invitations.

14 months
In this stage your baby should be standing with no help. If your baby takes their first steps early call and we will schedule your appointment a little sooner. For this session we recommend that you bring both casual and formal clothes.

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