Meet the Photographer
Becky Hardgrave

Certified Professional Photographer
Names I am called : Becky, Mom, Abu (Abuela), Mrs. Hardgrave, Sister, Amiga, Rebecca

As an Enneagram Type 2 :)  I always try to take great care of my clients. Photography is not just about the camera and lights, but more about how comfortable my client is in order to let loose enough for a real expression, or how confident a new parent is when I pose their precious newborn.

As a grandparent to a child on the spectrum and another ADHD, I learn more and more all the time of the amazing potential every person has when I work in a way that they allow me to capture their true selves in photos.

I know you are not here to read all about me really, so I hope my work speaks for itself, and if chosen to be your photographer, our time together will allow us to know more about each other.