The Owners
Becky Hardgrave CPP
, and Mark Hardgrave

What makes us different than other photographers in our community?
Hardgrave Photography is dedicated to creating the best possible images for our guests and clients. Whether the image we are going for is serious, funny, sweet, or edgy, we have the personality, tools, and the knowledge to get it done.
We believe that you must continue to learn and grow in this profession. There are so many opportunities to advance, so many venues to learn, and we want to use those to continue to bring great images and products to our clients. There is so much more to the art of photography than pushing the camera button. Becky became a Certified Professional Photographer in 2009. Only 3% of the photographers in the United States are certified by the Professional Photographers of America. Becky is also an accredited photographer with Special Kids Photographers Association. Becky also served on the board of Directors for the Arkansas Professional Photographers Association, to bring educational opportunities to Arkansas photographers so that we may all grow in our artistry and business skills.
We also truly believe that every business person should invest in their community. We contribute to local charities, fundraisers, schools, and events for all kinds of people and even pets. We also do mission work in Guatemala where we have been able to contribute our skills as photographers and mentors to young kids that are living at Shadow of His Wings.

What do we like most about our community?
We live and work in the small community we grew up in. People around here at the same people we went to school with. We photograph families, kids, and now starting on grandkids of people we have known all our lives. We also have clients from all over the state, and some out of state. The small town of Knoxville and surrounding area gives us so many beautiful places to photograph outdoors. We have a beautiful portrait area right here on our studio property. The Arkansas River is only about 5 miles one way and 2 miles another. These are just a few of the things that make working here unique. Our pet goats, geese, and horse photobomb on occasion.