You should download and save these files in at least 2 different places and mediums (dvd, cloud, external hard drive) for future use and safekeeping. To do so, choose the images you want to download by clicking on the bottom left of the image. Once it is selected you may click the "Download" button on the top right of the page. If you do it one image at a time, it will download directly. If you choose several images, they will be compiled into a zip file and you will be emailed when the zip file is ready to download. Make sure you know how to unzip a zip file if you choose this option. You may print these images and share them on social media.
I prefer you use a HIGH QUALITY print lab if you print them. Or you can buy them with a click of a button directly from this gallery from the same Professional Lab that I use but at greatly reduced prices. I recommend that you have your larger prints mounted on backboard like I do at the studio. FRAMING IS NOW AVAILABLE for prints ordered from my website. This lab will deliver your high-quality prints within a few days of your order. These files are the same files I print from at the studio, so your finished prints should be beautiful, if not please let me know so I can help you figure out the cause. I NEVER want prints with my name and reputation on them to look horrible due to a bad print job.
If you do not use my site to order, I suggest using MPIX, Shutterfly, or Bedfords Photo These sites have trained staff that are dedicated to printing beautiful prints with correct colors that match the prints you receive from the studio. Please avoid using department stores or pharmacies to print your images you get from Hardgrave Photography.

I want to thank you so much for your business. I truly appreciate the fact that you chose me to create these beautiful images, and I hope they bring you and your future generations many smiles and memories.

Becky Hardgrave, Certified Professional Photographer
Hardgrave Photography
Knoxville, AR
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